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5 Great opening lines for meeting guys

With your opening line, you're really just dowsing for attraction. If the chemistry's there, the conversation will flow easily; if it doesn't happen, forget it and move on. The trick is to not jump to the middle of the conversation. You need something appropriately light, provocative enough to get things started but subtle enough to let him off the hook if he's not really interested.
Also, don't be afraid of awkward silences. If he doesn't walk away, it means he still wants to talk. If you have the nerve to wait 30 seconds here or there, you'll be amazed at the results. Ready? Here are five ways to start things up.
1. Say something specific to the event you're at.
If you're at an art gallery, you can comment on the exhibit. If you're at a show, you can give your thoughts on the band. Don't weigh in like a debater with an opinion, just float your viewpoint out there and open the door by turning it into a question: "Were those guys great, or what?"
2. Talk about something that just happened.
Sometimes nothing happens, but if it does, you can capitalize on the opportunity. If the man of your dreams is waiting behind you in line for movie tickets and the person at the ticket window pitches a fit and storms off, you can take it as a sign from God that you should turn around and ask, "So what was up with that guy?"
3. Compliment his attire.
If you're at a formal affair, this one's easy; it is, however, more subtly effective when the dress is casual. Regardless of the outcome, the look on the face of a guy who's wearing a T-shirt and jeans will be reward enough when you walk up, smile, and say, "Hey, nice shirt."
4. Act like you might know him from somewhere.
Pick a few of the places from your personal history, then walk up to the best looking man in the room and say, "You look so familiar. Did you go to L'Academie des Beaux Arts in
Paris?" (Or, you know, wherever.) He'll say no and you can ask about somewhere else you've been. Human nature being what it is, there's every likelihood he'll start asking about places he's been, and won't that just be cozy?
5. "Hi."
There's nothing like the devastating effectiveness of a simple hello. If you're determined to talk to a guy, and at a complete loss as to what to say, just say hi and let him do the rest.